“Княже Орелъ” – imperial scope vodka with 500 years old traditions as the image of the double-headed eagle is straightly connected with Russian vodka: both one and another appeared on Rus’ in XV century during the reign of Ivan III.

Surpluses of grain began to accumulate in the country then, from which alcohol and first vodka of the country started to make. Before there were only low alcohol beverages in Rus’. Moreover Ivan III unified separated Russian principalities and was the first to use the symbol of the double headed eagle. It emphasized that unified land is equal to Rome. 

Vodka “Княже Орелъ” refers to 500 years old traditions reminding the consumer not only  of old Russian recipes but also of the image of most unappreciated governor of our country in the history of it, Ivan III which is called “the collector of the Russian land”. He liberated the state from Tatar Yoke. The Great Stand on the Ugra River happened under his leadership. It gave independence to the big country with the new capital Moscow. Even word “Russia” has been used for the first time ever during the reign of Ivan III.

“Княже Орелъ”

Traditional Russian vodka according to the recipe of 1497

The image of the XV century-inspired double-headed eagle makes desing authentic. It firstly has been used during the reign of Ivan III. Eagle coin is located at the top of the label and duplicates on the scroll below. The phrase written at the top of the label about the 500 years old legend of the history of vodka “Княже Орелъ”  duplicates also on the image of the coin.

The scroll above both externally and in terms of language looks like the tsarist document of XV century: “At the behest of Ivan the Great, Grand Prince of all Rus, the double-headed eagle will be tsarist regalia henceforth inasmuch as our land is glorious and abundant like Rome. It originates vodka, an intoxicating beverage. In 1474 Ivan III the collector or the Russian lands introduced the first state monopoly in history on the production and sale of vodka and established new custom”. It contains a brief description of changes made by Ivan III in Rus’ and emphasizes a long history, traditional nature and quality of vodka “Княже Орелъ” once again.


Vodka “Княже Орелъ” as a symbol of willpower, indestructible itch of freedom and independence.

The concept is connected with such prominent Russian history events as Great Stand on the Ugra River and the very final formation of Russian self-conscience that allows to defeat even superior enemy. So the main constants of this brand are willpower, victory, liberation.

Back in 1480 armed forces led by Ivan III restored the Russian independence from the Great Horde and conclusively refused to pay the customary tribute. This victory became a metaphore of real willpower that cannot be destroyed even by 250 years of Mongol-Tatar yoke or the Mongol invasion of Kievan Rus’. Because of this vodka “Княже Орелъ” is made for strong in spirit ones ready to fight and uphold personal boundaries, and independence.

“Княже Орелъ”

Traditional Russian vodka according to the recipe of 1497

Text stylized as Old Russian is located on red victorious scroll below: “Ivan III assigned double-headed eagle a tsarist regalia”. So the image of Russian tradition made vodka as a part of Russian history is shown both visually and linguistically. Prints used on labels and the title of vodka“Княже Орелъ” itself are also stylized as Old Russian script – vyaz. The suggested vodka’s “Княже Орелъ” label design makes a stable image of vodka for proud of forefather’s victories ones and those who hallow the historical memory.